Louis Roederer L'Ermitage Estate Brut Rose 1999'
L' Ermitage Rosé is Roederer Estate’s first-ever limited production special Tête de Cuvée Rosé. As in Champagne, L’ Ermitage is made only in an exceptional year of pre-selected grapes that come from the very best lots of Roederer Estate’s own 580 acres of vineyards.The concept of the vintage L’ Ermitage is the same one that is used in Champagne: only the best of the vintage is selected. These are exceptional wines that create a “noble” (special) blend, which allows for longer aging and produces a fine wine with elegance and finesse.The rosé blend is crafted using a small fraction of red wine, from Pinot Noir grown on the Estate, especially made for this purpose using “Burgundian” maceration technique that allows skin contact to extract color and aromas. This red wine brings delicate berry flavors and a nice color to further extend the L’Ermitage smoothness and subtleties - allowing for a unique tasting experience. Couple this with a saddled grape baskets and grilled vegetable parmesean biscuits,red bell pepper tapenade,apricot ginger mustard,garlic crostini's,deviled crab pate',Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares,and Ghirardelli carmelized almond chocolate squares. Size 12"x12"x16"
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