Happy Holiday Gourmet Gala
On a chilly evening during the holidays this extra large lined willow basket filled with gourmet treats will heat up any crowd. The gourmet gala includes sourdough wine bites, wine cheese caviar crackers, stone ground wheat crackers, garlic crostini, American Vintage red wine and black pepper wine biscuits, Lanzetti Italian Beef salami, white zinfandel, merlot cheddar, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay cheese spreads, red bell pepper tapenade, herb de provence et champagne gourmet mustard, toasted onion and sauvignon gourmet mustard, tiramisu liquor cake, Swiss cake roll, Ghirardelli gourmet chocolate including non-pareils and mint chocolate drops, chocolate fudge popcorn, Decadent Dipper gourmet pretzels, a poinsettia serving plate, Heirloom wine stopper and heirloom wine markers. Size 18"x18"x18"