The "Alder" Gourmet Gift Basket
The "Alder" represents all that is classic and traditional. Our love and affection for this basket have become unconditional. It will encompass all seasons and day, from elaborate business to complicated play. This elegant oval basket with handles displays wine and cheese caviar crackers, sourdough wine bites, garlic crostini's, roasted garlic and black pepper dipping pretzels, caviar, Lanzetti Italian beef salami, lobster pate', black olive tapenade, cabernet sauvignon cheese spread, camembert cheese spread, zesty cheddar cheese spread, ginger and honey gourmet mustard, Herbs De Provence et champagne mustard, praline cinnamon sunflower seeds, white chocolate macadamia cookies, Swiss cake roll, Ghirardelli chocolate caramel bar, and chocolate pastry puffs. Size 16"x10"x12"
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