The "Birch" Gourmet Gift Basket
The "Birch" tree is a symbol of everlasting summer. Evoking the memories of sunshine and wonder. The glowing warmth of this basket shall bring happiness to all occasions, and different enchanted creatures of all persuasions. This light colored wood twined handled basket contains caramel cookies, Swiss cake roll, cocoa tea biscuits, chocolate fudge popcorn, butter toffee pretzels, almond biscotti, Ghirardelli chocolate with caramel squares, Ghirardelli mint chocolate drops, Ghirardelli hot cocoa, Ghirardelli ground chocolate coffee, assorted herbal tea, Lindt truffles, decadent Dipper Chocolate spoons, honey cashew nuggets, and Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans. Size 15"x15"x16"
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