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Cristalino Cava Brut is a sparkling wine from Spain, made from the grape varietals
Macabeo 50%, Parellada 35% and Xarello 15%. Produced by Jaume Serra, this lovely
sparkler offers a fine alternative to Champagne at less than half the price.

Cristalino Cava Brut has a bright green-gold color and shows fine bubbles. It has a
pleasant nose of green apples, peaches, toast, flowers, cinnamon and herbs. Crisp
and bright, dry with medium-full body, this sparkler offers rich flavors of apples,
figs, lemon, roasted almonds and pie crust. It is fruit-forward and balanced, with a
clean, lemony finish.
After researching local yeasts, the Jaume Serra winery has taken the extraordinary step of
importing their yeast from Champagne, France in order to impart the finest quality to their Cavas.
Cristalino Champagne
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