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Enchanted Forest Gift Baskets is excited to announce our new line
of healthy conscious Gift Baskets featuring
Mona Vie™.

MonaVie™  is a delicious and energizing blend of 19 body-
beneficial fruits — including the Brazilian
açai berry, one of nature's
top superfoods.  Developed with the philosophy Balance-Variety-
Moderation, this nourishing beverage delivers the essential
phytonutrients and antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy.

Mona Vie Gift Baskets would be a great Get Well Soon Gift Basket
for that special someone in your life recovering from an illness who
could benefit from the antioxidants in
Mona Vie™. The Mona Vie
Gift Baskets
are offered in a single with healthy gourmet snacks
and a Duo which includes the original
Mona Vie™ and the Mona
Vie™ Active
which includes a plant derived glucosamine for
healthier joints.

Mona Vie Gift Baskets are going to give our customers a choice
when sending gift baskets that includes the health conscious person
who is concerned about their health but enjoys great gourmet
foods. Sending a
Mona Vie Gift Basket not only says that you care
about the person you are sending it to but you care about their
overall health and happiness.

For countless centuries, the people of the Amazon have revered
this unique fruit for its health-promoting properties, used it in the
treatment of numerous ailments, and prized it as a source of health
and vitality. Recently, the remarkable health benefits of
açai have
been validated by modern science. And because of its unparalleled
antioxidant levels and superior nutrient content, açai is now widely
regarded as one of the world's top Superfoods. Açai is rich in the
following beneficial nutrients:
Antioxidants,Essential Fatty acids (Omega 3,6,&9)
Vitamins and minerals,Dietary fiber , Phytonutrients
Amino Acids ,Complex carbohydrates ,Trace minerals

Send a Mona Vie Gift Basket and your gift will continue to give
long after the gourmet treats are gone. These Gift Baskets can be
shipped anywhere in the United States. As a Florida Gift Basket
company we are excited to be one of the first to offer these health
conscious Mona Vie Gift Baskets to our customers. Each Mona Vie
Gift Basket will be packaged in cellophane with a personal message
from you and delivered with an advanced system of air pillows (no
peanuts, no mess), and color matching ribbon. Send something
different, send a Mona Vie Gift Basket to let someone know you
are thinking about them and their health.
Mona Vie Gift Baskets
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Mona Vie Gift Basket Duo
Mona Vie Gift Basket