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Administrative Professionals Day
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Professional Administrative's
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National Professional
Secretaries Week and
National Secretary's Day
was created  in 1952 through
the work of Harry F.
Klemfuss of Young and
Rubicam. Klemfuss
recognized the importance
and value of the position to
a company or business. His
goal was to encourage more
women to become
secretaries. Using his skill
and experience in public
relations, Klemfuss,
promoted the values and
importance of the job of
secretaries. In doing so, he
also created the holiday in
recognition of the
importance of secretaries.

Today,  the title is changing
and evolving. But, the
recognition is equally
important. There are two
new terms in use today.
They are "Administrative
Professionals" and
"Executive Admins". The
two names sometimes mean
different roles and
responsibilities to different
companies. Both are broader
terms, that encompass more
positions than the original
"Secretary" role.

The name change recognizes
and acknowledges that the
role has changed
significantly since 1952, and
for the better at that.
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Administrative Professionals Day
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